Monday, September 29, 2008

A Jett story...

The other day when I was checking in on Jett at his computer class, the teacher relayed a story to me. This is the story... The other day Jett was sitting at his computer and out of the blue took off his headset. He started calling out, "Sky, Sky..." When Sky replied, "What Jett?" He said in a nice loud voice, "I love you Sky!" Now how cute is that?

One other... Jett met me in the doorway as I was getting out of the shower. This was our little conversation...
Jett: What are you doing?
Me: Oh, just starring off in space.
Jett: Do you have a suit on?
Me: What? Do I have a what on?
Jett: A space suit.
Me: No, I have a towel on (having just gotten out of the shower)
Jett: You can't stare in space without a space suit on.

Well, of course I can't. Makes sense right?

He brightens my world! I love him to pieces!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A first...

The other night my sweet Sky surprised me with folding an ENTIRE pile of clothes without any help or being asked to.  This was ALL ON HER OWN DOING!  I had a few things from a previous batch folded and set in a pile on the back of the couch (where I always sit and fold my laundry).  Sitting on the couch was a pile to be folded, and it had been sitting there for awhile.  Sky took it upon herself to go and fold every piece!  I wish I could show you the stacks, but I doubt you want to see my piles of underwear! :)  Neils later went over and the cute way she folded things was the best!  The three stacks sitting nicely on the back of the couch was priceless.  Sky, you made my night!  I love you!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I found one!

Very uncommon... a picture where he's looking at the camera and smiling.  I love his beautiful blue eyes!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The favs...

YES they are...

the cutest kids on the planet.  Tonight I met up with my sister in law, Jen so she could show me this fabulous place in American Forkish area.  She brought along her little Megan and I had my three kids.  I was hoping to only bring Jett so that I could get some decent 3rd birthday pictures, but my babysitter wasn't avail. and I thought what the heck, I'll bring all three.  Jett is at the stage where the camera is not his friend.  He runs from me!  He won't look at me to save my life and so I let him go do his thing, which is run and climb and play in the dirt.  It seems every image I capture of him he's doing SOMETHING!  My girls on the other hand are complete opposites.  Sky wants to pose for the camera any opportunity she can get and Brooke just sits and does whatever.  Sometimes she'll look directly at me and her bright eyes amaze me.  So the pictures I captured tonight are of them perfectly, Jett playing, Sky posing and Brooke just following along doing whatever.  I'll share a couple favorites.  So many of them are of my girls, but maybe one day that will change and I'll have massive amounts of pictures of Jett that I melt over.  Crossing my fingers on that one cause he has the most gorgeous blue eyes that cuts right through me when he makes a sulky, pouty face at me.    

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My second chance!

To love and cherish every moment!  I am doing that 100%

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's a beautiful life!

So for me 9/11 will be a constant reminder that life is short and there are way more important things in life than what we sometimes put at the top of our priority list.  With that I figured going outside with the kids and giving them a popsicle is WAY more important than laundry.  Since my little scare, I have really thought about what I want to do in a day.  So far each day at the top of the list is that I want my kids and husband to see me smile.  I want them to know I am SO incredibly happy with my life.  It's an amazing life.  The second thing on my list is that I want to see them smile if not laugh at least once.  So what's a better way to make a kid smile than to give them popsicles and play with them outside?  I have never given Brooke a popsicle of her very own, but she's to that stage now that she notices what Sky and Jett are doing and she wants to be just like them.  I knew there was no way to NOT give her one of her own.  So she took it and licked it like a pro.  I got a kick out of the WIDE OPEN mouth and the licking of the lips every so often.  It was a cherished moment.  Later tonight, Neils was at Target with Sky and Jett returning something.  He left me home with Brooke so that I could get some things done.  I have piles of laundry to put away and it always takes forever!  He knew it would be faster for me if the kids weren't there to get in my way and I could just throw Brooke in her exesaucer and turn on a show for her.  Well, he left with the kids and I found myself snuggling (nursing, I know I think I'm the one that can't give it up, not her, as much as I blame it on her) her to sleep and just sitting with her on the couch.  I couldn't put her down to take care of the laundry situation.  I thought about it this time, "which is more important RIGHT NOW putting away the clothes, or taking a minute to snuggle my baby?  Well, of course the obvious is what I did.  Neils came home to see me sitting there holding my baby amongst piles of clothes.  He just smiled cause he knew. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

9/11 for me was a 9-1-1 experience!

I really don't want to share this story.  It is something I will regret for a long time, but at the same time the number of lessons I learned in three hours is unbelievable and maybe I can help others that read this learn a lesson as well.  I have taken an oath to be more attentive, to not be absent minded, and to think things through before doing them.  I also want to share because I need to thank all of you that prayed for my dear little Brooke and to fill you in on what your prayers did for me.  I am so blessed to have an incredibly HUGE family, so when I need prayers said, I get a million sent at once.  There's at least one of them to be answered amongst so many.  On Thursday night, at about 8:45pm I came upstairs to put Brooke in her PJ's and to lay down with her to put her to sleep.  For some odd reason, I threw her up on my bed to sit while I searched for my pajama bottoms so I'd be more comfortable.  In the meantime Sky, who I had just told to jump in bed while I was getting Brooke in jammies had come in my room looking for me and saw Brooke up on my bed.  She jumped up and got Brooke all excited.  I noticed and I think I may have even said, "Be careful."  As I was walking over to get my pajama bottoms I looked over at the bed and watched (in what now seems like slow motion) Brooke fling her body backwards.  She does this occasionally when we're playing together but it's always onto me or a pillow.  This time it was off the side of my bed.  (My bed is higher than most off, it goes to my hip as I stand next to it.)  I watched from inches away her land on the top of her head and her body buckle.  I don't remember for the next 30 seconds or so what happened.  I know I picked her up.  I don't know if I screamed or if Brooke screamed or how Neils knew to come running up.  I just remember Neils meeting me at the end of the hall.  I passed Brooke off to him and said to him, "She's not okay, something's wrong with her."  I saw her limp body and her eyes rolling back into her head ( an image I never want to see again in my life, but that is burned into my memory forever) and Neils said in a stern voice, "Call 911!"  I did.  I was frantic, I screamed, I cried (without tears I was so freaked) and told 911 what happened.  Neils dropped down with Brooke while I was on the phone and gave her a Fathers Blessing.  He then took the phone from me, and talked to them and he told me to go downstairs with her and hold her in a comfortable position while we waited for the paramedics.  (I shake as I retell the story.)   In the meantime I frantically grabbed Neils' phone while holding Brooke and called our former hometeacher.   His wife Heidi is my visiting teacher and friend in the ward.  I called Seth and explained I needed him to come over immediately and that Brooke had been hurt.  He showed up even before the paramedics/fire department and he assisted Neils in giving Brooke a blessing with oil.  She at this point was awake and not limp, but didn't seem right.  You can imagine what was going through my head.  I tried to move her and she would cry a hurt cry as if maybe her neck was broken and it could only be placed in a certain position.  Her coloring was off, her eyes looked tired and heavy and I was a mess.  The paramedics arrived and tried to calm me down.  Brooke sat up enough to realize she didn't like the man who was touching and feeling her spine.  She seemed annoyed, which was a good sign.  They stayed for several minutes watching her and checking her out.  They told me that since she was alert and seemed somewhat responsive that either they could or we could take her to the hospital to be checked out.  If they took her they would have to strap her in a gourney and that might be a bit traumatic for her.  We chose to take her ourselves in the van knowing she would be more comfortable in her own chair.  As we were preparing to go, she seemed tired and that she was having trouble keeping her eyes open.  This is not like her in any way.  It always takes a small miracle and usually an hour of laying with her before she falls asleep, so I was scared to have her close her eyes.  I kept asking the paramedics, "Is it okay if she sleeps?"  (We've all heard, "don't let them go to sleep after a head injury.")  They said, "It's only a myth.  Her body has suffered trauma and it's relaxing itself so it can heal, it's okay if she sleeps."  So with that we got in the van and drove like crazy to Primary Childrens.  The fire department called ahead to tell them we were on our way.  In the van Brooke laid with her eyes closed.  I didn't like not seeing her eyes, it scared me to see them closed.  I was afraid of her going into a comma and never waking up again.  I sat there with my hand on her chest to make sure she was still breathing.  I kept asking Brooke to open her eyes and show me that she was okay.  I just wanted to see her eyes.  Every so often she'd open them and one eye didn't seem to be opening right.  I was freaking out thinking that maybe the one side of her brain was swelling and she couldn't open that eye.  When we got to the hospital, I ran in with her.  When I got to the counter to check in, she sat up in my arms and realized we were someplace odd.  It was then I had some sense that she was going to be okay.  She then pointed over to a wall of pictures that I could tell she wanted to go see.  When I said, "no, just rest on my shoulder" to her, she seemed upset and insisted I walk over to the pictures.  I felt that she might be okay.  I felt her stubborness and personality coming through.  Truly a good sign that things were okay.  While we waited with her, she became more and more alert and awake and insisted on getting down to walk and play.  Truly a miracle.  By the time we saw the doctor and went through the scenario she seemed to be back to Brookey-Brooke.  The doctor explained they could do a headscan to rule out the possibility that there is an underlying problem, but if it were his child he wouldn't go through that.  He would just keep a close eye on her through the night and monitor her through her activities in the next couple of days.  We agreed there didn't seem to be a need to put her through the headscan trauma and have her exposed to radiation.  So we were discharged and home around 11:30 pm.  Not the night we expected to have.  We picked up our kids from Seths house and went home.  Brooke had fallen asleep on the way home and we took her straight up to bed.  Neils and I laid in bed next to her replaying the events over and over, talking about details and our version of how it happened.  I kept seeing my sweet girls face of her eyes rolled back and her limp body.  I couldn't get it out of my head.  I finally asked Neils to tell me about work.  I needed something to take my mind off of it all.  By about 4 or 5 am I was able to fall asleep and woke up at 8:00am to make sure Brooke had moved and seemed okay.  She is absolutely perfect.  I know there was something wrong and now she is as perfect as can be.  I believe with my whole heart that it is only through the power of the priestood that I have a perfect little girl again.  I know she was healed by God.    Friday, Neils stayed home from work.  I was a bit paranoid watching her every move to make sure she REALLY was okay.  They said it was possible that after several hours we'd see swelling or a loss of balance and to check for that.  So I kept a close eye on her every move.  And now she's my little miracle baby.  PERFECT in every way!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Okay one more!

My nubie Sky!

Just because... isn't she cute!

Today we went outside for a bit to play.  My little "Project Runway" girl loves to pose for the camera.  Today was no different.  I love her to pieces, drama and sweetness!  The other night (a drama story) she was in the midst of a major tantrum and she yelled to her dad, "What happened to the nice daddy... THAT I LOVE!"  Neils and I just cracked up!  

Monday, September 8, 2008

He loves to climb!

On Labor Day Jett turned 3!  We didn't have the big giant birthday party that we've had in the past.  There just seemed to be too much already going on so.  Sunday night Aunt Megan spent the night and she played with the kids all day.  Jett had a blast with her here (she always comes up with the best games and keeps them entertained for hours on end).  I kept stressing about how his birthday was so lame compared to years past and Neils had to keep reassuring me that he was having a great day and he is only 3!  And it really was a great day.  He was happy and totally content.  For dinner we bought a Papa Murphy's pizza so that we could arrange the pepperoni into the shape of a 3.  And then of course we had cupcakes, sang Happy Birthday and opened presents.  Some of the Smart relatives dropped by to sing and watch him open gifts.  I refusing to take my kids to Kiddie Kandids ever again took a few pictures of him this weekend.  I still want to do his official 3rd birthday pictures, but for now, here are a couple of my sweet boy!  To be followed up by REAL birthday pictures.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Jorg-O girls!

This was taken awhile back, but I didn't want to forget the fun get togethers us Jorgensen sisters have had recently.  This was a dinner we had about a month ago to celebrate with Jen and the soon arrival of baby Mya.  It was so great to have momma J. in town and be amongst all of us.  So from left and around to the right is, Jen (Adams Jen), Amy, Jill, Stephanie, Mom, Aunt Nancy, Kendra, Angela, Jen (Erics Jen) and me, Stepha!  A week later we all met up again when we were able to go down and have dinner at Eric and Jens house on what happened to be the day after Jen had Mya.  So we (just the girls) got to go to the hospital and see Jen and the new baby.  It was fabulous to all be there together.  Then just about a week ago we all got together and had a night to craft.  Jen showed us how to make tu-tu's and rag blankets, Stephanie showed us how to make hooded towels, Jill showed us how to make superhero capes and I showed some how to make bows.  It was so fun to sit around and chat until after MIDNIGHT!  I am lucky to have married into such a great and HUGE family.  Thanks girls for the fun times we've had in the last month and I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday to celebrate the soon arrival of Jills baby girl!  

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bride and flower girl...

Gorgeous girls at the M&M wedding dinner.

Here she goes...

My little Brookey-Brooke decided the other night to try and go down the bottom step of our stairs by herself WITHOUT holding onto anything.  She would crawl up a stair, turn around and try and step down.  Sometimes she'd fall on her knees but a few times she did it.  She'd smile the BIGGEST smile.  She knew she had accomplished something big!  It was the cutest thing.  Today I took her outside and of course she wanted to try it on the steps.  I was a little worried cause it's concrete rather than carpet, but she had on jeans so I let her do her thing.  Here she is in the act of going down ALL BY HERSELF!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tu-tu cute!

So, I made this darling tu-tu for Sky for her to wear to dance class for the month of October.  It turned out so cute, I had to take a picture and post it for you to see.  I can't wait to take her picture in it.  Halloween here we come!

Hip, hip, hooray, it's time for class!

The first day of computer class for Sky and Jett.  Jett isn't technically old enough, but because he's so smart, knows how to use a computer and has a great attention span, the director offered to let him try it.  Well, he did FANTASTIC!  The director said today when class was over how amazed she was at how well he did and she is glad I pushed to get him a spot.  He's not the typical 3 year old boy!  He's his daddy's boy, for sure!  I'm so proud of him and I knew he would be as good as the teacher said he was!  He loves his class.  I peaked in on him and he was glued to his computer!  I wish I would have had my camera then.  Maybe another day...

"Not long..."

Okay a story... this time it's a "marriage thing."  
This weekend Neils and I were laying on our bed with Brooke trying to get her to sleep.  Neils suggested that he might want to take a nap himself.  I asked, "How long do you want me to let you sleep?"  I ask because there have been times when he or I have slept way more than we wanted and then it was too hard to go to bed that night.  His answer was "not long."  I asked him, "How many minutes is that?"  He said, "I don't know, how many minutes is it when you say, not long?"  He got me.  I started to laugh.  There have been many times in our married life when he'll ask me such as when I go to get my hair done or when I leave to go to the store, he'll ask, "How long are you going to be gone?"  My answer is always, "not long."  My answer is ALWAYS, "not long."  Thanks honey for keeping me on my feet!  You got me A-GAIN!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So I promised some pictures... here is one.  I like that the REAL photographer is captured in the corner.  He did an amazing job.  I saw some of his already and feel lame even sharing these.  But hey, I've got to start somewhere.  It was such a beautiful day, I found myself enjoying it more than taking pictures.  They were married and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple in the morning and later there was a ring ceremony/PARTY at La Caille Restaurant that evening.  The weather was perfect, the food fantastic and the best part was that my kids held up rather well throughout the ENTIRE day and night.  They all had melt downs in the car on the way home, but to make it until 10pm was just short of a miracle.  I'm so glad I got to share in their perfect day.  

Coming soon...

more wedding pictures and Jett's 3rd birthday pictures.

My sweet boy Jett turned 3 yesterday!  So I haven't had a chance to go through my wedding pictures and post them.  I can't wait to share them with you.  For now, I'll leave you with a couple of my sweet 3 year old and the gorgeous bride!