Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun days in November!

This week we had one of our favorite (I have to say "one of" cause there are LOTS of Aunts, like 12 to be exact) Aunts came over with her girls Ava and Mya!  It was a fabulous day.  She came for lunch and we just hung out.  The kids played, watched shows (cause we have TV junkies for kids) and then of course because the weather was BEAUTIFUL, we went outside.  Earlier in the week when Neils was raking up leaves I asked him to save some so when they dried out the kids could go out and crunch them.  Well, they were dry now and perfect for crunching, throwing, and stomping.  Sky was the queen of the leaves.  She would throw them and the girls (Brooke and Ava) would crack up.  It was so cute to watch.  I have lots of fun action shots of this.  After all the playing I squeezed in a little time for making bows.  It was a FABULOUS day.  I hope this is the first of many more to come.  I love you Jen!

Gorgeous Miss Ava
Little Miss Mya
Tricky tongue boy as he climbs
Sky loving the leaves
Here she goes, showing Brooke how to do it...
Ava squinting as they fall on her head...

Fun days in November!

Miss Ava (cousin)
Sky showing the girls what it's all about!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sack of Potatoes

This kid is hilarious, she LOVES chips!  Okay, so my need to make sure she gets nothing but the MOST nutritious snacks went out the door when she became #3.  So her favorites are... Cheetos, Fritos and then the big surprise of them all Jalepeno flavored Pringles.  YES, JALEPENO flavored.  She loves them.  Here she is licking her chops.  She's got to make sure she got all that yummy flavor!!!  So kicking back watching TV and eating chips... I'm the greatest mom on the planet.  :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday Neils!

Neils' birthday is on Halloween.  So every year I load up the kids, take them up to Neils' work in their costumes to say hello to Neils for his bday and let the kids trick or treat around to the cubicles.  They always end up with WAY more candy this way as it's much faster going from cubicle to cubicle than house to house.  Plus, everyone at Neils' work loves the kids and they load them up with more than enough candy!  This year the girls were butterflies and Jett was the cutest dragon I've ever seen.  He said he wasn't a fire breathing dragon, "cause that's mean."  He was a nice dragon!  Look at that nubie little face.  Of course he's a nice dragon!  We had Wendy and family over for Taco Soup and we went trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Jett was trick or treated out and only cared about Riley's sword.  I had to convince him to let me hold the sword every time we got to a new house so he could run up behind the rest of the kids and open his sack for a piece of candy.  So every few minutes or so he'd yell, "Trade" in which we'd switch sword for sack and he'd go running.  It was pretty cute.  We had a great night.  This year Grandma and Grandpa were busy moving into their fancy new house so they couldn't come with us, but we know they wanted to be.