Saturday, September 12, 2009

First day of school!

What? My baby is starting Kindergarten? How did this happen so quickly? Isn't that what we all say? Isn't that what our parents used to say to us? Well, that's because, that's how it is. Time just flies by and these moments make me stop and think that my life seems to be on fast forward. Oh how I WISH I could push pause every once in awhile. This will have to count as my pause to remember my little girl on her big day. All grown up with her hair straightened. She looks so old to me. I made her little outfit and I'm so glad she was willing to wear it for me. I think she looks adorable!

We missed the actual first day cause Sky was sick, but we made it on day 2. I went in with her to make sure she'd be okay. Of course, the social, strong girl that she is, did fabulous. She caught on quickly to the things she missed the first day. She even had to tell me, "I'm okay mom, you can go now." So, off I went, out to the car where I bawled like a baby! It hit me hard. My baby is growing up... FAST! Dang it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just because...

They were being cute and happy today. It's been a big week (and crazy) week for me. Sunday started with Sky throwing up so she missed her first day of school on Monday. That made Tuesday her first day and that same day was Jett's birthday. We spent the day out and about. So the second we picked up Sky from school we were off to Chuck E Cheese (Jett's FAVORITE place on earth). We then went to McDonalds cause the toy in the happy meal this week was lego cars and what 4 year old boy wouldn't want a lego car? After that we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's house to say hello and they came with us to dinner at Red Robin. Remember our favorite server, Hillary? She hooked us up with another great night out. But then Wednesday, Jett decided it was his turn to throw up. Thursday was just a horribly crazy Thursday and Friday we ran errands all day. Thus, I felt the need to stop them and take their picture! They were playing their favorite game of "Mom, Dad and Puppy" with Sky being the mom, Jett being the dad and Brooke the little puppy. She does a great job crawling around ruffing and patting like a little puppy would. It's hilarious. So here they are moments before heading out the door for the afternoon.

I will get to the birthday pictures and first day of school pictures up soon. We're off to Chuck E Cheese again today with dad and cousin Trevor today. He didn't open any presents yet or have a chance to blow out any candles. It's being a little drawn out, but I'm sure he doesn't mind a weeks worth of birthday celebration.