Monday, January 12, 2009

Amazing friends!!!!

So it started with one amazing friend who got me and my friend Suzanne 6th row tickets to the U of U Gymnastics meet on Friday (a huge meet, Utah #2 vs UCLA #4). It was Suzanne's husbands birthday so we wanted to make it a fun double date and bring our husbands. It's been forever that I've even been on a date with my husband, let alone a double date with friends. So, I frantically went searching for a babysitter. I asked everyone I knew. I even called up friends to ask them who they use, cause it just wasn't working out. I was out of options... or so I thought. My friend who is a TRUE friend, called me up and asked how it was going. I said, "Oh I'm bummed. I have exhausted any and ALL posibilites for getting a sitter. It doesn't look like Neils is going to be able to come with me tonight." He said, "you're lying." I said, "no really, I've even called people I don't know to see if they're available to watch my kids. I'm out of options." He says back, "No that's not true." Obviously, what he was saying is that he'd get in his car and drive all the way up from Provo to help me out and watch my kids. AMAZING FRIEND, eh? Aren't I so lucky!!! Not only that, but he documented everything they did while I was gone. Check out his pictures.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Let the sun shine in!

I took down everything in Sky's window a couple days ago to wash it and let some sunshine in. The kids thought it was so great to be in there with the sunshine they were drawn to the window. All three climbed up on Sky's bed to look out the window. They were cute. Then it was a dance party. Sky and Jett sang with Sky's Christmas present (Barbie CD and sing a long player) while Brooke danced. What a little sunshine did for us! We had a fun time playing in her room.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Putting the past behind me...

If there were more hours in a day, more days in the week (preferably days Neils could be home from work) and more months in a year... I'd do it.  I just can't do it.  I have seemed to have let my blog get behind, leaving some potentially GREAT POSTS to be done, but I'm just not going to.  There are loads of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day pictures and even some since on New Years Day.  But, I'm going to jump on the New Year bandwagon and leave the past behind and start fresh.  Sorry if this comes as  bad news.  I caught the very end of a rerun of an Oprah on New Years Eve.  It was about happiness.  One thing that was said was that if you're not happy the first two things to do are be kind and don't fret over the past.  So I'm going to do both in one, be kind to myself by not stressing about posts I should have done and by doing so I'm not fretting about the past which = Steph's happy!  I really am happy.  I can't believe how happy I am.  My life seems to get better and better each day.  I am really grateful for my life.  I'm not wishing to brag, but I have to put it out there because really, I am at a loss for words at how well my life has turned out.  I have reflected on the past and I'm amazed at where I ended up.  Some of my choices were not the best choices ( I know many who can vouch for that) and to see now that it's all worked out and I ended up here, a Jorgensen with an amazing little family, I'm overwhelmed and feeling even somewhat "lucky."  So here's to a new year, one that I expect will be great!  I plan to post more and keep up.  My ultimate goal though is to focus on two things and if I accomplish these two things, I will be stoaked!  One is to catch up on photo books of all three of my kids.  The other is to lose my baby weight.  I know you're thinking "what baby?"  But that's my excuse, not that I've chowed down on everything in sight the last month.  :)  Just kidding.  I haven't gotten back to my pre baby weight and that's my goal and then some (isn't that always the case) and look my best for our trip to Hawaii in May.  Two things I know I can do and will work on all year.  So that's it.  A post... I can't leave this without posting a picture.  My little Sky loves her cousin Mallory to pieces.  They are quite the duo.  So here's to them being friends/cousins for life.