Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Track Meet

Track meet day...
It was hectic, trying to find where Sky had to be while carrying the cooler and keeping an eye on my two littles at the same time.  Dad hadn't come to get Jett yet, so I had the kids.  I freak out in crowds.  I don't like them or the idea that my kids can get lost.  We sat in the shade discussing what to do in case I couldn't find them.  A good friend of mine had an experience once and because she had prepared her children for it, it ended with the perfect outcome.

So... there I was kinda the frantic, prego lady trying to listen to when Sky's events were up.  In the mix of it all... I missed the call for the 50 meter dash.  When I figured it out, I had her go up to her coach and find out what she could do.  She cried.  The coach had her race the 50 meters with the older group of girls which meant, she got last of course.  She cried more.  Not good for the ego.  I asked her coach if there was any way she could run the 100 meter with her age group even though she wasn't registered to do so.  She allowed her to do it.  It was then up to me to convince Sky who was completely depleted to try it.  Dad showed up just then and I explained...  He was able to convince her to try it.  I'm so glad she did!  She pulled it together and ran the race.  And then... took SECOND!  It was smiles from there on out!  And a text to Dad to tell him the news! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good morning!

So after almost two weeks of fighting, arguing, figuring out who was in charge and who's game they should be playing, they finally worked it out and this morning I woke up to giggles and laughter.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learning to bike ride...

Sky started out ready and smiling... but that didn't last long.  Soon perfectionist Sky showed her true frustrated self when she couldn't get it ALL BY HERSELF on the FIRST TRY!!!  Gee... wonder why she's like that?  Jett, enjoyed dad helping him and was starting to get the hang of it.  This frustrated Sky even more.  Brooke went off on her own, riding back and forth with the training wheels still on, and could not have been happier!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The last day of school...

First grade is over... goodbye Mrs. Frampton!  She was an amazing teacher and knew just how to handle my little Sky and all her quarks.  She knew how to push her but in a way she could handle it.  She's a perfectionist and SO hard on herself.  She had a great year!

Here's how we spent the last day of school...
First... we said goodbye to her teacher and friends.  They were dismissed early after collecting their final things so we left and went to lunch, McDonalds of course.  Then we took Jett to school and just me and the girls went to Gardner Village.  I wanted to peak into the fabric store, looking for something to make the girls for the wedding in July and they wanted to go to the candy store and see the ducks.  It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon and we enjoyed every second of our time just walking around taking our sweet time!  I made them stop for a few pictures of course.  It was a happy couple of hours there, with not just candy from the candy store, but a donut and cheetos too!  Then we headed to get Jett and back home to change clothes so Sky could go to track practice.  Sky loves to run and is good at it, so I signed her up for track.  I don't know a thing about running, or track, so this is new for me, but so far so good.  Then we headed over to a T-Ball meeting for Jett and finally home for dinner, baths and bed!  It was a fully loaded day, but FUN nonetheless!

Bring on Summer!  We're ready!