Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not my favorite way to end a day...

But believe it or not I feel incredibly blessed!!!  It was about 5pm and I was still sitting around in my workout clothes and was contemplating jumping in the shower.  The kids were outside and playing nicely.  I had just checked on them and everything seemed fine so I thought I'd hurry and shower up.  I heard something tell me as if it were someone talking to me, "Nah, just go outside and sit and watch your kids."  Okay, I thought to myself, I'll do that.  I can shower when everyone's back inside.  What's another half hour of being in my workout clothes?  So I did.  The kids quickly lit up and ran over, "Watch this mom!"  All three of them, they were showing me how high they could throw their balls in the air.  Brooke's turn... she threw it up and ran after it as it came down.  Splat!  Down she went face first!  I immediately went sick, telling myself as I ran over not to faint if her teeth have fallen out!  I was sure that was the case.  I scooped her up, blood gushing from her mouth.  I brought her inside and washed her up.  Her lip... that's it?  It was HUGE, but her teeth still there.  I thought she might need stitches in her lip, I wasn't sure, so I called dad at work.  Relieved that her teeth still there and realizing what had just happened.  Had I been in the shower, what might it have been like?  Who would have helped her in the house?  The blood would have been everywhere.  And how quickly would I have been able to get out and help her?  This was such a blessing!  I am so grateful I listened and I'm so grateful she still has her two front teeth!  But of course, pictures of it after a bath and being comforted...  I love her!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Never again...

A while back, I tried making "Cake Pops" with my sister in law.  I saw the website, a tutorial and thought I could make those, no problem.  I was first drawn in by the Hello Kitty ones and knowing how much my daughter loves Hello Kitty, I had to try them.  They were HARD!  Really hard!  Probably not the best ones to do on my first attempt at Cake Pops.  Half way through the Hello Kitty attempt, I ended up rolling all the heads up into balls and just making the simplest version of them.  They were great in the end.  The yumminess of these things gave me the desire to try them again.  I wasn't up for all the work, but I just couldn't resist.  They are that YUMMY!  I figured, Jack O Lanterns would be another EASY version, basically just round balls.  I went for it.  They take hours by the way!  I began dipping the balls into the chocolate and it was going great.  But then, one by one all the heads began to crack.  UGgggghh... I turned them around, put the faces on and took a picture just to show the attempt.  It was too much work and I vow NEVER to make these again.  Sorry friends and family.  I know you all fell in love at first bite.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Today, I took the kids up to Neils' office to Trick or Treat.  They go from cubical to cubical and it's fabulous.  Neils gets to show off his cute kids, the kids get MASS candy, it's warm inside the building and I don't have to worry about the actual Trick or Treating.  The kids are completely okay after this version.  Some call me a lame mom for not taking them out door to door, in the dark cold night and letting them really experience Trick or Treating.  Oh well!  It's just not my favorite holiday so I guess I short change my kids in because of that.  I just don't get into it like some do.  So after going up to Neils' work we came home and went outside.  The weather was gorgeous.  The kids wanted to stay in their costumes and I let them.  I decided to go out with my camera and take pictures.  I don't have pictures in the past of them in their costumes, I'm that lame when it comes to Halloween.  They hammed it up for me and I love it.  Jett insisted on showing me he had the "force."  Brooke (Brookey-Bee as she likes to call herself) ran around saying "buzz... buzz.." and Sky wanted to look as if she were really flying.  Here are the pictures...



Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sky's 7th birthday.

First of all, I can't believe I'm typing a 7 but, I'll get used to it, I'm sure.  Sky's birthday was a hit.  We invited some friends and their moms, to have a girls day out with us.  We met at Chili's for lunch and then headed over to the dollar movie to see Ramona and Beezus.
The girls were cute, at lunch they sat at one end and us moms at the other.  They acted so grown up, ordering their own food and chatting like little adults.  It was fun to just sit and watch them interact with each other.  After eating our yummy food and Sky getting her birthday dessert we headed over to the dollars to see the movie.  It was a great show, mixed with laughs and even some teary parts.  Here's the evidence of our great day.

Sky woke up and put together the gift bags for her friends...

Then off to Chili's we went.  Outside waiting for friends to arrive...

Getting the table ready...

Her great friends

  On to the presents

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

This summer, we've been having ourselves "Fabulous Fridays" where we do something (me and the kids) a little extra special.  I make sure they have my full attention and a lot of fun!  The last couple of Fridays have been spent at the Draper pool.  Today, it was at home.  I tried thinking of other places we could go, but I just didn't have it in me today.  I was struggling for energy.  So we stayed home, but that didn't mean it wasn't FABULOUS!!!  It started with a bike ride around the block.  The first time I've done that with all three kids riding.  The last time we went around our own block I pushed a stroller, so that should tell you... it's been awhile.  So that was new and FUN for them.  Then after, the bikes needed a "car wash" which meant squirting water so Jett was game!!!  The girls started out on board, but they quickly moved onto other things.  My boy loves the hose and any chance he can turn it on or squirt a water gun, he's on it.  So here he is going to town.  Isn't he cute?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm getting there...

I have finally finished making her shirt, I have made a headband to go with it and now I know how I'm going to do her hair.   My only last decision is where to take the darn pictures.  Am I sounding a little crazy?  Okay, I know I am, but when I'm the photographer, I can take my time and plan it out perfectly, right?  I remember stressing just about as much when I would take my kids into Kiddie Kandids (I cringe as I say their name).  So, for now cause this one is for a project I'm doing and because I think this cute little face of hers, is her to a tee... I'll share one.  P.S.  Thanks again Miss A !!

I also love this one of her...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trying something new...

Brooke's third birthday was a few weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to taking her birthday pictures just yet.  I've been trying to come up with something fun, cute, different and age appropriate for her.  I haven't had any amazing ideas come my way.  To be completely honest, I am so sad about her hair, I could cry.  She was not blessed in that department, that's for sure.  To those of you who think, that is terrible to say, trust me you'd understand if you saw her hair up close and you had friends like I do with three year olds that have INCREDIBLE hair (I won't mention names, you know who you are and I'm envious).  In any case, I cringe when it comes time to do her hair.  There just isn't ANYTHING I can do.  So my mission has been to come up with a way to make her hair look as cute as she is.  Awhile back, a client of mine had four girls and their hair was in perfect ringlets.  WOW, I thought, she must have spent HOURS curling their hair for pictures.  She mentioned to me that it was incredibly simple and there was a keyosk in the Fashion Place mall that sold these curling irons.  So, remembering that, I decided to check it out.  I came home with one, if that tells you anything.  I thought she looked so cute with curls.  Something I thought I'd NEVER seen in her hair last for more than two seconds.  Today, I gave it a try... how would it look?
  I asked her so kindly, "Can I please take a picture of your curls?"  I'm sure you could guess her response from this picture!  And trust me this is all I got.  What do you think?

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Heart Faces photo contest ~Yellow~

I'll get to the rest of the YELLOW birthday pictures later, but for now... I had to enter this into this weeks contest (www.iheartfaces.com).  I mean, really?  Can I pass up an opportunity like this when Brooke's favorite, favorite color in the whole world is yellow?  So here's one from her yellow birthday day...

Monday, April 19, 2010

What was I thinking?

Friday morning, I was sitting on my couch, feeling a migraine coming on.  I'm sure it was a result of the several sleepless nights this week.  The phone rang, it was Suzanne.  She wanted to tell me that if we were going to take pictures of our kids at this new location, we had to do it tonight.  They were tearing the place down!  NO!!!  Ughh...!!!  You wouldn't believe it, but I waited out the symptoms of the migraine and went to work, ironing the girls dresses and doing their hair.  In the meantime Jett laid limp, sound asleep on the couch worked from a night of throwing up.  I couldn't believe I was doing this.  I didn't have an ounce of energy and really I was going to drag Jett off the couch, throw him in the car while I took pictures of the girls?  YEP!  Well, it turns out that Jett woke up after a good snooze wondering what was going on.  I explained that I wanted to take pictures of the girls so he was going to have to ride along in the car and just watch a movie.  "WHAT?  I want you to take pictures of me too!"  Okay, so after a second of looking at his sweet, extra pink cheeks and darling nap face, I said sure.  I grabbed the closest outfit to us out of the pile on the couch, threw some goo in his hair and off we went.  The weather was dark and dreary.  There wasn't a whole lot of light.  It looked as if it were going to rain on us any second.  What was I thinking, seriously!  Was I crazy?  Probably, but like Suzanne said, this was our only chance!  I got a few pictures, I even pushed for a few more at the end cause the kids were in such great moods.  It ended with another migraine.  I had to sit and wait in the car for several minutes until my sight came back so I could drive home.  You'd never guess Jett had been sick all night and you'd never guess that Brooke was about to have a night of throwing up herself.  I think come Saturday morning, I was on the brink of death.  After being up all night Thursday, two migraines Friday afternoon and then being up all night Friday night with Brooke, someone could have shot me and I doubt I would have felt it.  But who cares right?  Cause I got darling pictures of my kids sweet faces!