Tuesday, October 27, 2009

S-ix years old, K-indergarten is fun, Y-ikes she's growing up fast!

Really?  Where did the time go?  I'm having a hard time believing I have a six year old little girl.  The month of October is always a blur.  It seems that the last six years have flown by just as quickly.  Just a few pictures to remind me of the gorgeous, social, friendly, daughter I have.  I love her to pieces.  A few pictures here describe her so well... She loves to read!

She is always asking for a piece a paper so she can draw a picture or write someone a note.  These always make me smile.  They are so genuine and innocent.  I love this stuff!
She can whistle.  Something else that comes from her dad.  I can't whistle to save my life, but she's got a pretty good one.
She's SIX!  Her way of showing me she's six years old!
What would I do without this little one of mine!  She is one friendly, social, smart little cookie.  She loves her Up With Kids class where she is able to sing and perform.  She was made for it.  As a little girl she was always perfect when it came to performing for friends and family.  She'd sing the little songs or say her ABC's whenever called upon.  She did those sorts of things so willingly and never had any fear.  She's that way still.  She's always introducing herself to the clerk at the grocery store or to any one for that matter.  She loves to sing and has a pretty decent voice.  That she got from her dad too, I'm sure of that.  She is a Jorgensen through and through.  I thought she looked like her dad the second she was born and still think so.  She doesn't have a whole lot of me in her, but that's okay.  I love her completely just the way she is!  Enjoy being six Missy-Miss!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tat-TOO cute!

We had a birthday party for Sky at Chuck E. Cheese and at the end she decided to use her tickets to buy some tattoos.  She was kind and got one for Brooke and Jett too.  When we got home, they were all so excited to put them on.  Dad marched them upstairs, one at a time to the bathroom to apply them to their arm.  Each of them would come down and show off their fabulous tattoo.  I thought it was pretty cute.  Dad threw in a big surprise at the end and applied a tattoo to his own arm.  Apparently, he had been saving this for some time and was waiting for the right moment to show it off.  Good timing dad!  It was a fun surprise!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's 4 and ALL BOY!

Yes, I know... he turned 4 about six weeks ago, but I just barely got to taking pictures of him.  So here it is.  J-umps, climbs and hangs on everything, E-ats anything including salad and baby food (he still gets his vegetables by way of a jar and I don't mind.  Makes it easier on me.) T-eases his sister (stuck in the middle of two girls it was bound to happen.) T-otally a sweetheart (As much as he teases them, he protects them and gives in to their wines and cries).   That wraps up my boy Jett.
And for a few more things...
He has gorgeous blue eyes.  He loves his new shoes cause he believes they make him run faster.  He only wants to wear shirts that have some sort of link to speed cause he wants to be fast!  So we buy car shirts, and shirts that say "Fast as lightning" and "Built for speed"  I guess with a name like Jett, it makes sense that he be fast. Right now, Sky is still faster than him and Jett HATES it.  He is so eager to beat her in a race.  It kills him when he loses.  I keep telling him that it won't be long when he's faster and he'll be able to beat her every time.  He's smart.  He's charming.  He loves to say the word poop and laughs hysterically if dad says it.  Lovely, I know.  He loves it when I throw him to the ground to wrestle.  I don't love it so much, but when he starts to laugh, I laugh, so maybe I do like it.  He's my boy and I love him to pieces!
Here are a few pictures...

This is how it started out... not really wanting to do much of anything except make funny faces at me.

But then I got a few great ones...

 And then he was done!  Off went the hat and out came the lip...

But then we went over by the bikes and out came the smiles...

And at this point I was ready for him to do whatever he wanted which meant climb and jump...

And then for my favorite... him just kicking back.  The second, notice the focus on his new favorite shoes.  The shoes that make him go fast.  The shoes he wants to wear every second of the day.  And they're my favorite too cause they don't lace up, they ZIP up on the side.  Meaning: he can put them on all by himself.  A must have!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Who would have guessed...

not me!  That's for sure.  If you had told me ten years ago when I met Neils that we would be married and have three adorable kids, I would not have believed you or anyone for that matter.  It would have been too good to be true.  I fell in love at first sight and then waited around for a few years hoping he'd realize that I was perfect for him.  He obviously did, but here's the story...

Ten years ago, it happened to be similar to this, in that it was Conference weekend.  Neils had found me on LDS Singles.com (the way he found me is a whole 'nother story) and sent me a message letting me know he would be coming to visit Utah for Conference and wanted to know if I wanted to meet up.  I sent him back a message letting him know I'd be interested.  That was soon followed by a phone call to figure out the details.  We tried meeting up on Saturday, but because I was one of many girls he was coming to meet, our schedules didn't match up.  We decided to still meet but not til Sunday.  He came over to my house in between sessions and had dinner (Taco Soup) with us.  His first comment after coming in and sitting down was, "you're kinda cute..."  (We joke about it now.)  So we ate and hung out and then he was off, back down to Provo to hang out with another girl (that girl is my dear friend now).  He called a bit later to see how late I'd be up.  I didn't want to sound too eager/desperate for him to come back up.  I must have pulled it off, cause with my comment of "you're missing out" it got him back in his car and driving right back up to see me.  We hung out til 4am and then he was off.  He was headed back home to Cali in just a few hours.

After a few years of dating on and off he finally decided there just wasn't anyone who could possibly be any better for him than me and we got married.  And once he decided, it was quick... he said one day while sitting on our living room couch, "Let's get married next weekend when my whole family will be here."  So that we did, July 6, 2003.  The next year on our special day of October 3rd we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple.  So not only is it our "Kissaversary" but it is also our Temple Anniversary.  It's a great day to remember!

With that, here are my three adorable kids to show for.  My life is grand!  These three make it and to top it off, I have a husband who is generous and thoughtful!  He works hard and does as much as he can to make my life as easy as possible.  He's wonderful!  It's been a ten great years and I expect the next ten to be just as great!  I love you Neils-C!  Happy Kissaversary!