Monday, December 22, 2008

By the skin of our teeth...

So by the skin of our teeth we made it (somewhat healthy) to the Jorgensen Family Christmas party friday night.  After three solid weeks of feeling totally crappy, we pulled it together and went.  Of course, it had to be the snowiest day of the year which slowed us down and because we had been sick for so long we hadn't gotten the gift exchange presents.  So, running an hour late we still managed to pull off a quick run to Target and get there JUST IN TIME to see Santa.  Jett, was the most concerned about getting there to see him.  When we went to The Festival of Trees he mentioned that he wanted Spike the Ultra Dinosaur for Christmas.  The day after telling Santa that he realized that we had already purchased Spike and what he SHOULD have asked for is the Geotrax airplane set.  He wanted to make sure Santa knew not to get him Spike.  Don't ask why he knows he's getting Spike, it's a long, lame story.  So, needless to say Jett jumped up on his lap and not only asked for the Geotrax airplane set, he asked for a motorcycle too!  What a boy!  Sky asked for a Barbie and the Diamond Castle (I think she only wants this cause it's the most common commercial on T.V. and we've watched a LOT of T.V. the last three weeks).  When we got home from the party, Jett started running a fever again.  Saturday morning I called the doctor afraid of what the answer would be.  Sure enough... I was told to go into Primary Childrens and have the tests run that I was told to get if the fever kept up.  Let's just say, I've been to Primary Childrens enough and I did NOT want to go.  I knew that if we would just give him a blessing and wait we'd know if that was really what we should do.  So we called our friendly neighbor over and he was given a blessing.  My poor boy has been through the ringer with having had the flu for 9 days and then ran a fever for 6.  As of today, he's doing better.  With each day there seems to be more improvement.  I have to force him to eat.  Having only had LOTS to drink in the last three weeks, that's all he feels like doing.  He's still tired a lot and I'm hoping it's just that his body still needs mending.  We didn't go to Primary's cause there's been no trace of a fever since the blessing.  I just pray that he really is on the mend and that he becomes active and healthy 100% again soon!  
May you all have a Merry Christmas.  
I didn't get to Christmas cards this year, so look for a special Valentines card instead.  Cause I do love you all and want you to know we think of you often.   I love hearing all the stories and things going on in each of your lives.     

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday night excitement!

So the last two weeks have been YUCKY to say the least.  I've been cooped up at home with the kids all week.  I haven't bothered to even change out of my pj's nor have I dressed my kids.  All three have managed to get the flu.  Friday, even though Brooke was throwing up, Neils insisted I still go to the Red Rock Ute Gymnastics opener.  I was invited down on the floor to take pictures.  A great, fun, exciting opportunity to say the least.  Gymnastics was my life for many, many years so it brought back tons of feelings for me as I sat down on the mats taking pictures.  It felt so good to have something to shower and get out of the house for, let alone it being what it was, Ute gymnastics.  It lifted my spirits and brought a much needed smile to my face.  Here are a couple images from Friday night.  This was my first time capturing anything sports related.  I'm definitely looking forward to their upcoming season.  It will be GREAT!
Go Utes!
To view more from Friday visit my online gallery.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So, today after getting out the scissors and glue and doing crafty things with my kids (anything to keep from watching another kid show on T.V.  After last week of Jett taking it easy in front of the T.V.  ALL DAY, I am T.V.'d out!) I came up with this idea!  I want to see what's on YOUR fridge!  This is what's on mine, mostly because we just NOW took down the Thanksgiving pictures and replaced it with more up to date holiday pictures the kids did today.  But, this should be fun, and I don't want to just pick a few names to tag, I want to see EVERYONE'S fridge!  So come on, play, it will be fun to see!  If you're reading this, consider yourself TAGGED!  Take a picture and list the things on your fridge!  Then put your link in the comments so I can see!

Jett's version of Santa and his Christmas Tree
Sky's version of Santa and her Christmas Tree
Chuck E Cheese gift certificate money (for when Jett decides to go poo-poo in the toilet, he gets a poo-poo party like Sky did.)
Matthew and Marissa's wedding announcement, mainly because I love it!  It's so unique!
Macy's birth announcement, because she's so darn cute!
A "birthday card" (even though it's not my birthday anytime soon) from Sky.  (She thought it would cheer me up to have a birthday).
A "Follow the Prophet" craft from last weeks Nursery.
A post card from Denmark from Grandma and Grandpa J.
and lastly down at the bottom...
Brooke's leapster letters.  She loves them and knows about six of her letters now.

That was fun, now you try it!

What a week!

What a week....
It started off with Jett getting the flu (probably from church.  Sorry I say that cause I hate that so many people take their sick kids to church) throwing up ALL DAY on Monday, Tuesday he seemed better making us think it was just a 24 hour bug.  That night he threw up and on Wednesday he was just short of a rug, laying around, not even sitting up or talking.  I took him to the Doctor hoping it was something she could fix.  NOPE.  She sent us away suggesting more fluids and root beer, since he was already borderline dehydrated.  So we stopped at McDonalds for some magic root beer and it seemed to help.  Thursday and Friday were pretty normal, he laid around some but I thought it was just because he was still weak.  So Saturday... we got up super early to be to Sky's dance performance, rushed home for lunch so she could go to her birthday party, and then as soon as that was over, picked her up so we could meet up with the Smarts at The Festival of Trees.  Jett seemed to be doing just fine!  After seeing Santa and all the gorgeous trees, we met up for dinner with the Smarts at Fudruckers.  Jett was over playing on the video games when to our surprise he threw up AGAIN!!!  UGgghhh... So rather than finishing off the night with shopping and fun, we headed straight home.  What a week!  You would have thought I'd have cute pictures of Sky dancing or of us in front of the gorgeous trees... NOPE!  I was not all there, I guess.  I felt as if I was walking around in a daze, smiling only because I should.  I took this picture of dad and Brooke outside of The Festival of Trees when we went to get some fresh air.  It was such a gorgeous day, 50 something and sunny!  SO BEAUTIFUL for the first weekend in December!  I love my kids, and it kills me to see them sick.  I wanted to post at least one picture and not just bore you with my week of blaggghhh.  

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is this weather?

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!  If you ask me anyway.
Don't worry, you're not getting any complaints from this California girl.  I LOVE that the kids have been able to go outside.  Notice, no coats, just long sleeved shirts.  I threw hats on them only cause they look cute in them.  :)  Seriously, 50 degree weather, no snow really and mostly sunny days and it's the beginning of December.  I love it!  So have my kids.  It sure is long and hard when they can't go outside much.  So we have been taking FULL advantage of the warmth.  Here's to a short winter (fingers crossed that I'm not going to be jinxed and we have winter until July).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Sunday

Yesterday, we went to Uncle Darin's and Aunt Jill's ward for the blessing of baby Chloe.  It was a perfect day.  We went to church and then ran home to get some food to take over to their house for lunch.  After throwing the 6 1/2 layer bean dip together, I grabbed Sky and Jett and took them out front.  They looked SO CUTE at church, I had to take a couple of them.  They obliged and although they were quick to go running up and down the driveway, I managed to get a couple of them being buddies!  They melt my heart and I'm so lucky to have such happy, healthy kids.