Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cute little story...

I overheard the cutest conversation this morning and had to write it down...
Jett: Sky do you want some chapstick?
Sky: Sure
Jett: Then kiss my lips and you'll get some.
I was curious, what would Sky do? Would she kiss him, would she say, "eeewww..."
I watched in anticipation...
Sky walked over and gave him a little kiss on the lips.
Jett: Yumm.. huh? It's strawberry
Sky: I like strawberry. Thanks Jett.
Seriously, so cute. I melted!
They are the best of friends sometimes and I love to sit back and watch them interact during those moments. I love my little angels!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My sweet Sky!

Today, before rushing Sky off to dance class, I insisted she let me take a picture of her. I tried somthing new with her hair today and I thought she looked adorable. When she was a baby, or little, I'd complain almost every day that she had yucky hair. I was bummed she didn't get good thick, straight hair like mine. I felt limited in what I could do it and always envied my sister's little girl who had the good, thick, straight hair. Well, I'm not envious anymore. I think my little Sky is gorgeous and has beautiful hair. She's growing up way too fast and sometimes thinks she's the mom around here. Today, she was my little angel in her dance outfit and her hair all done up on the side. My beautiful, sweet Sky!