Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Smart

My brother got married on Friday August 29th in the Salt Lake Temple.  They're an adorable couple!  This was just the beginning to a fabulous day we had celebrating with them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The purpose...

The sole reason I blog is because some day I plan on going to to "slurp" my blog into a book where I can save these stories and pictures forever.  It serves as my family journal for you all to be apart of, but will one day be for looking back on when my kids are grown.  With that said, I MUST include a couple stories from this week.  Neither of which have pictures to go with them, but I would never want to forget these moments.  

Today for breakfast Sky asked Jett if he'd say the prayer.  He always perks up and is willing to do so.  Don't ask me why Sky's in charge, she just always is! (Is that how I was mom being that I was the oldest child, bossy and in charge?)  In the prayer Jett said, "Bless me and bless Sky that we will be as strong as Sportacus and Daddy cause we eat our healthy pancakes."  I smiled so big, I had to hold back so that I could thank Jett for such a thoughtful prayer.

The other story is of my sweet Sky.  She started Preschool this week at Challenger.  On Wednesday she jumped in the car with exciting news.  Her friend from last year (Alex, her bestest buddy who has blonde curly hair like her!) who was put in another class was now in her class.  She was thrilled!  This exciting news was then followed up by sad upsetting news.  She went from smiling and a cheery voice to tears and gloom as she said, "Guess what mom?  There's another Sky in my class and HE'S A BOY!  So now I'm not just Sky, I'm Sky Jorgensen and he's Sky Lilenquist!"  Ohhhhh, my poor Sky Hannah Banana.  I asked her if the boy Sky was really named Skylar.  She said, "NO mom, he spells it S-K-Y-E, he's not Skylar, just Sky!"  Later that night while I was away Sky had some time with her dad.  She told her dad the same story.  Only dad had a different reaction... "That's great Sky, you guys have the same name!  You should give each other a high five when you see each other."  Way to go dad!  Way to be positive and uplifting.  Way to make her feel good!    

Monday, August 25, 2008

Love the hat!

On Saturday night I took my little family over to Murray Park so I could practice my photography skills.  I was so excited that Brooke actually wanted to wear her hat this time, I was able to get some cute photos.  See my photography blog for more...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bed Bugs!

We did it!  My goal for my little Miss Sky was to get through the first three sets of Bob books, recommended by Carin Davis (she gives more than great photography tips).  As of Thursday night this week, we read the last one in set three together.  Sky has done a fantastic job learning to read and she loves it.  She's constantly spelling out words and writing notes to me.  I love some of the ways she spells words still.  
She is my little smarty pants.  There are two things I refuse to correct her on.  I want her to stay little and cute for as long as I possibly can.  She still says "baby" instead of maybe.  It's so cute.  Baby?.... I should go to bed and the other thing is "ReNember."  I love the little mistakes and am holding onto them for as long as I can.  She doesn't start Kindergarten 'til next year so she can stay little at least another year!  I love this kid!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Why? Why? Why?

Okay so I'm lacking on pictures whenever I have a "Jett" story.  You'd think that as much as I like to take pictures to document my life and my kids, I'd be better about snapping away when Jett goes to town.  I think every other day I'm saying to my mom, "I don't know if he's going to live to see his 3rd birthday!"  (What a mom thing to say!)  I remember her saying things like this about my brother Andrew.  Let me tell you an Andrew story and you'll understand why.  When Uncle Andrew was 2-3 yrs old he took a black magic marker and at waist height drew along the walls as he walked around the entire house.  He drew along the hutch my dad made for my mom for Valentines Day as he walked through the living room and into his own room.  He climbed up on the top bunk as he carried his marker and ended by putting a nice drawing on the ceiling.  Needless to say, this was soon followed by new wallpaper and paint and endless hours scrubbing the ink off the hutch.  Now for Jett's version... It always seems that it's when I'm putting Brooke down for a nap (cause it gives him more than five minutes unsupervised), but this time it was milk and not a permanent marker.  He saw that I had left Brooke's bottle on the counter.  I use those Playtex drop-ins so he realized he could reach up and squeeze the plastic part and it squirted like a squirt bottle would.  He took this bottle which was full of milk and squirted everything in sight.  The walls were dripping milk, every toy in sight was now speckled with white dots, and there were drops on the floor that I could feel as I walked around the room in anguish!  Uggghhh... I noticed my rocking chair was especially wet.  I asked him what was on my chair.  He then pointed to the squirt bottle filled with water (the one I use to comb Sky's hair).  He told me he was trying to get rid of the white.  "Yeah, now it's just watery, white!"  NICE!  Okay, so my story doesn't top that of my fellow Queen Blogger, Tiff (refer to her T.V. incident) cause I just called the carpet cleaning people to come steam clean my couch and I wiped off every toy, so my situation was easily fixed.  Tiff's on the other hand... good thing that's not my boy, he definitely wouldn't have lived to see his third birthday!  Just kidding!  Really, though Tiff, I don't know how you kept your cool on that one.  In all seriousness, Jett is a joy and he keeps me on my toes.  I just hope the house doesn't burn down.  I think I've heard that one before too.  Who is that talking, it's certainly not me! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

She has my eyelashes!

I just wanted to post this picture I took this week.  It is of my beautiful baby Brooke!  I recently took a photography class from Carin Davis.  She is the one that has been taking our family pictures over the last year and a half.  I love her work and was so excited when she decided to teach what it is she is so amazing at.  I went and since have been trying to create beautiful photos.  This week she posted on her blog a challenge to those of us who were up for it.  It was a challenge to focus on the small detail of eyelashes when they are wet.  I went to the pool excited to capture an eyelash picture.  Here is my version.  I wanted to share it with you and share my blog where I will be posting pictures as I go along, hoping they get better and better with time and practice.   

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anyone looking to add to their food storage?

I am hosting a Food Storage party.  I know sounds weird but as Ward Emergency Preparedness Leader I have been working on my food storage.  In doing so I have talked to many friends and family about what their ward or stake is doing and have come across many great ideas to be better prepared.  This is one of those great tips I've been given.  My sister in law attended a party put on by The Ready Project.  She was talking about how she got to go and taste test a sample of the food that they sell for food storage.  She said the food was REALLY GOOD, so I thought I'd try it.  For any of you that might be interested, you're more than welcome to come. The party will be on Thursday September 25th at my house from 7-9pm.  I will have samples of food for you to try all of which you can purchase if you'd like.  I have been given a discount code that gives you 5% off your total order should you purchase anything either through me or later through the website.  The coupon code is 61965 
Check out their website... 
to get an idea of what it is they sell food storage wise and be sure to stop by to taste a sample of their food.  I am looking forward to trying it myself.     

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Coming soon...
Just as soon as I can spend more than 5 seconds on my computer, I will post some new pictures.  I have just been focusing on the last few moments of summer.  I want to get in as much as I can before school starts.  We went with my darling friend Suzanne to the Childrens Museum this week, we're going to the Zoo one more time, to the pool at least one more time and to Bouncin' Off the Walls with Dad on Wednesday.  In just a couple weeks preschool starts which means summer is over!  This is good and bad.  I think Sky and Jett could use a little time away from each other.  Spending SO MUCH TIME together, and they start to get on each others nerves more than they get along.  So as sad as I am to say goodbye to going to the pool, it's time.