Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

March 15th Disney on Ice

Daddy-Daughter date...

Neils decided he wanted to do something special with his little girl so he bought tickets to the Disney Princesses on Ice. He was so cute, he got up early and took her to McDonalds for breakfast and then parked the car and rode the TRAX train up to the Delta center. It was a fun time for the two of them. Sky wanted to buy all of the souvenirs at the end...of course!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mexico pictures...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our trip to Mexico

We're back. My favorite is that all day on Monday Jett kept asking me if I was back from Costco. Sounds like Mexico. :) We had a fabulous time doing NOTHING for 4 days. Literally, when we got there we considered a couple of day trips to the Mayan ruins or Chichiniza, but the last thing we wanted to do was get up early, rush to a tour bus that we would have had to sit on for several hours and the rest of the time following a group around to check out the sites. We wanted the time to SLEEP. Like Neils said, we were there to catch up on 5 years of sleep. And we did. It was so nice. The first day we woke up when WE WANTED TO and went down and had breakfast, lounged by the pool, had yummy strawberry daquari's, walked down to the ocean and got our feet wet and later some lunch. After some good R & R we went up to our room and got ready for the night. We decided to take a cab into the city which was literally 3 minutes away and do some shopping. Just as we got there it started raining. It scared everyone away but lucky for us we borrowed an umbrella from the hotel before we left. It was great. It was still warm so the rain wasn't so bad. It gave us reason to snuggle up under the umbrella. The hotel was an all inclusive resort so all of the food and drink was included. Unfortunately, their version of dessert is rather bland. Having tried all of their so called chocolate cake, I was craving some good ol' AMERICAN chocolate. Amongst all of the little Mexican shops was a good ol' American Burger King. I had to get a slice of yummy Hershey pie, and it was just that, quite yummy. The shops were right on the water so as it rained we saw lightning out on the ocean and it was beautiful. After some time there we headed back to the hotel for dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. After dinner we watched the hotels nightly entertainment this time a dance performance. Entertaining. The next day was the same, we slept in... until 12:45pm! I couldn't believe we slept so late. We went to bed late, but not any later than we do when we're home, so that was quite the sleeping in! We went down for what was now lunch and ate. We hung around the hotel for a bit and decided we'd go shop and actually buy some stuff. We couldn't go home without anything for the kids. So after getting cleaned up we headed back to the city. What a beautiful day! It was cool and sunny. Perfect for shopping. We just walked around holding hands. All of the little Mexican shop owners called us "the honeymooners" and each time we told them we had were married with 3 kids they were shocked. We spent most of the day there and had to hurry back that night for Neils' awards dinner at the hotel. He is the reason we got to go on this amazing trip. He worked hard all year and was the top salesman. He received two awards for his achievements. Something to be proud of. He is really good at what he does. It was a nice dinner but it went late so after dinner we headed up to our room. Hard to believe the trip was basically over. We packed up our things and went to bed. In the moring we went down for breakfast and then had to check out. The worst part is the 8 hours of traveling, but even that wasn't so bad. When you're like us you don't get to see many movies so the three movies they showed on the plane were all movies I had wanted to see when they were in the theatre. So that was fun. They showed Martian Child, August Rush and Enchanted. So I didn't even mind the flights much. I was so happy to get home though and snuggle my babies. I had missed their smiles and hugs and the many times they say, "I love you" in a day. My parents did an amazing job taking care of them. The kids themselves held up pretty well too. I think I may have cried more than they did. I cried the first night as I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep. I missed them. I have to say though I did better than I thought. I have never been away from them for more than a day so it was a big deal for me. I'm glad I was able to enjoy some quality time with my husband and give him the attention he deserves but doesn't get much of. The trip definitely helped fill me back up. I think I had been running on empty for awhile so it was good... even if I had to go up to my room and pump every so often. I feel refreshed and even more grateful for the darling little family I have.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I couldn't resist...

I had to throw on a couple pictures of Brookey cracking up. She was just crawling around in the kitchen and Sky and Jett came up behind her and scared her a little. She giggled. So Sky kept it going by kissing her on the cheek. She laughed some more. So Jett took a turn. Brooke was a nubie cracking up at Sky and Jett squishing her really. I got a couple pictures of the action. It sure made me smile!

A few favorites...

I just wanted to throw on some cute pics of my nubies.

Neils and I leave for Mexico in three days. This will be the first trip Neils and I have been ALONE on since we were first married. It will be weird not to have the kids to take care of. I seriously don't know what I'm going to do for 6 hours on an airplane without a baby to hold. All that time to myself to think? What the heck is that going to be like? I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm looking forward to relaxing on the beach and not having to worry about changing a diaper or fixing dinner. At the same time I wonder if I'm even going to be able to sleep not having my little Brookey cuddled up next to me for half the night. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.