Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Party of Five becomes the J Crew...

is the first thing to change.  Lots to update... pictures to come soon.  I am trying to stay up on my 365 day blog and notice if it's not one blog, it's another that is falling behind.  Not sure I'll do three blogs next year.  Might be time to consolidate them into one or maybe just two blogs.  Doesn't seem necessary to have my stuff scattered across three blogs and some of the stuff gets double posted.  In any case, a run down...

September 1st, Jett's 6th birthday
September 2nd, Radd's birth
October 15th, Sky's 8th birthday
October 31st, Halloween and Dads 42nd birthday
November 5th, Sky's baptism
November 6th, Radd's blessing

My goal is to catch up on some things now that the main events are behind me and I've got a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to things calming down a bit!!! 

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